Choosing X15

From the scratch you may say, we were inclided to experince soothing sound. Not one which are noisy but soothing. We were together 4 people, young, passionate about how we should listen to music. The team formed keeping in mind about a varied taste among them. One clearly inclined towards bass, another towards treble, other towards a experience of calmness and cosmatics, the last one towards how a device keeps its juice up. It was almost 2 months, 60 days, and 26 devices was on test. 

It was an experince to remember. Nonetheless was those long nights were fun, but it was our inability to differ some of the devices based on centain criteria. And we figured out some unique things about a device and also the musical source. The first to point out was, it has to be the source of the music which needs to deliver quality for a device to perform. What we found is an astonishing fact altogether. The source of music we Indians are subject to are more over on a free subscription base, which never delivers the quality of a paid subscription. This is one of the main reasons we are deprived of quality music and hence judge a device based upon compromised quality music.

So, we opted for HD music and hence subcription based music. During our 60 days journey or moreover majority of us was agreed on one point. That the back rounded wireless neckband stands out in many criterions. Namely Quality of music, play time, optimum use of bass and treble. All of us used this device over night to listen over 100 songs, long Netflix serieses, Movies. None complained about a thing. 

This device we choose was, yea you got it, the X15. 

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