Charging & Using ?

Do you use your phone while charging? I believe many of you do this often. But still, some of us can't help but wonder: is it OK to use your phone while charging it? It is important to understand the truth. Here’s what you need to know.
1. Using the phone while charging can easily cause the phone to heat up.
Especially when running large-scale games or HD videos, the phone generates a lot of heat, but the heat dissipation capacity of phone is limited, and the heat generated by charging will cause the phone to heat up. As the phone heats up, charging will slow down.
2. Using the phone while charging may shorten the battery life.
As mentioned above, using your phone while charging can cause your phone to heat up. If the battery is charged at a high temperature for a long time, the battery life will be shortened, and the battery may even be damaged.
3. Using the phone while charging will slow down the charging speed.
If your phone is not being used while charging, almost all the power is supplied to the battery, and the charging speed will be faster. If you are using your phone while charging, there will be a lot of ongoing operations on your phone, it will directly draw power from the charger, and the current supplied to the battery will be reduced, causing the charging speed to be significantly slower.
4. Using the phone while charging may cause the USB charging port of the phone to be loose.
When playing games that require complex game operation, such as PUBG, Honor of Kings and etc. our hands would easily touch the USB port, and if we touch harder, the USB port may get abraded or damaged, which cause impedance anomaly within the charging link and in the end the phone can only be charged slowly or even can’t be charged. 
Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid playing large-scale games or watching HD videos while charging your phone. It is ok to choose some low-power applications, such as listening to music or chatting.

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