Super Grade Battery - Model X200 1300

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  • 1300 mAh
  • 2 IC Protection
  • Class leading backup 

The best quality battery for your cellphone. Made from quality grade cells of high cobalt percentage. Tested with machine to deliver optimum mAh. Double IC protection each for charging and discharging. 

Orvenotek Li-ion batteies are among the best available inmarket today. It gives your cell phone the same power with 60% of the weight of the other Ni-Cd and Ni-mAh batteries available in market. To get the maximum output fro our battery please do discharge the battery fully for the first time and then charge fully. After a complete charge - discharge cycle of a Li-ion battery the maximum output can be acheved.

Model     : X200 

Use         : Feature Mobile device

Warranty : 6 months from the date of purchase


N.B. - Warranty doesnot cover swelled battery, with broken or burnt out terminals. No claims can be made for backup times, as talk time and standby times are varieables depending on usage and telecom network.

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